About us

Introduction to FareLink.com

  • FareLink is a "Travel Agent Only" platform offering various airlines, vendor products and promotions to the retail travel agents. Based on strong principles of operations and utilizing new concepts and methodology in the "value-added sector".

How do we intend to deliver this?

  • Leadership: FareLink has been launched by two skilled entrepreneurs. Surjit Babra a 35 years veteran in the travel and Rishi Kapoor, a 16 year seasoned software engineer with 8 years in travel agency operations and management. Note: In 2011, Surjit Babra after 30 years of operation sold his iconic travel consolidation company SkyLink Travel. Having exited his non- compete clause, he is venturing out again to build another great company
  • New Age Technology: FareLink has invested considerably in technology. While we are proud of our investments and outcomes we acknowledge that technology is just a tool and personal touch and relationship are equally important.
  • Online Booking: While most platforms work on complex algorithms, FareLink offers a simple three click booking application, thereby allowing diverse travel agent groups to easily complete a booking within minutes. The proprietary database offers access to all types of airfare content- Published and Negotiated. Offering full content and more flight options with better quality control mechanisms. Currently FareLink has access to over 120 million airfares from Canada and the USA with more vendors expected. Other salient features include 24/ 7 Email, Skype and high performance call center service. Post Sales services include e-transfer of commissions and weekly statements.
  • Innovation: Strategic planning to build stronger partnerships
  • We Bring Value to Your Business

    Honesty, transparency, focus and service with a win-win attitude

  • FareLink is a global B2B platform backed by expert advisors and full time service personnel. New-Age technology Multiple vendors' platform with full content & calendar shopper Secure online payment system Most choice of itineraries in the industry Personalized call centre and support service Quick commissions and refund services Weekly statement reports
    • Mr. Surjit Babra-Executive Profile
      Chairman and CEO-FareLink

      Surjit Babra, is a well-known philanthropist and a seasoned veteran of more than 39 years in the travel industry. Surjit. in 1979 started SkyLink Travel in Toronto. Soon, along with his business partner, the SkyLink Travel Group turned into a multi-million-dollar conglomerate including SkyLink Aviation, SkyLink Travel, SkyLink Express, SkyLink Holidays and Dollar Rent-A-Car, with each unit servicing a particular segment of travel, tourism, aviation and cargo transport. He exited, SkyLink Aviation in 2008 after the sale to a private equity fund in New York. He exited, SkyLink Travel Group after the sale to a private equity fund in Chicago. In 2014, he decided to retire as CEO of SkyLink Travel Group after his three-year contract expired .

      The business itch did not go away, and opportunity knocked, and he opened the door to a new venture. The American food processing giant Heinz was closing its plant in Leamington, Ontario. Along with four partners, he formed an investor group called Highbury Canco Corp and purchased the plant and saved 250 jobs. Today in just over three years there are 521 employees with a successful growth plan.

      FareLink is being launched under his vision & leadership utilizing serial entrepreneurship skills, relationship, transparency and strong principles of operation along with street sense strategic moves. The distribution platform is evolving and it is Surjit’s firm belief that we must adopt new concepts & methodology in the” value-added service “sector.

      The expertise of FareLink’s executive team counts for more than 100 years of combined experience. Adding knowledge and specialty skills including technology, operations, sales and marketing will enable FareLink to provide a steady growth model and continuous support to airlines and trade partners.